College of Animal Production Science and Technology


1. Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
This department was established in 1999. It has two divisions: Fish and Wildlife. A Bachelor's degree is awarded with honors in Fish and Wildlife Sciences
Offered Degree B.Sc in B.Sc in Fisheries and Wildlife
2. Animal Production
The Animal Production Department consists of several divisions, namely the Poultry Division, the Dairy Division, the Meat Division, the Animal Manufacturing Division, the Pasture and Feed Division, the Animal Policy Division, and the Nutrition Division.
Offered Degree B.Sc in Animal Production Science & Technology
3. Dairy Science and Technology
The Department of Dairy Science and Technology researches the application of modern technologies in the field of dairy science and technology and provides the best methods and health requirements for the production and manufacture of dairy products.
Offered Degree B.Sc in Milk Production
4. Science and Technology of Meat
Offered Degree B.Sc in Meat Production
5. Poultry Science and Technology
The Department of Poultry Science and Technology aims to prepare specialized technical cadres who can work in the fields of manufacturing operations and research development related to the technology of poultry products.
Offered Degree B.Sc in Poultry Production
6. Development Studies

About the College

In a rapidly changing world in the field of animal breeding and production, we find all departments and divisions of animal production and departments of fish and wildlife sciences working to put themselves in the forefront and strive to keep their graduates abreast of the latest findings of modern science in terms of technologies to obtain a large share of the labor market. A wide field to choose the exact specializations they prefer in the sciences of animal production and its biotechnologies that always work to provide them with the latest findings of modern science in its outputs.. Our college is a real place for learning and research where there are rich and rich programs for students of bachelor programs and graduate students that cover production fields Various animal sciences, fish and wildlife sciences, extension and rural development are supported by the existence of a teaching environment, means, aids, laboratories, educational and teaching media, and good infrastructure of halls, farms, laboratories, a wild zoo, and fish ponds.